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Coveted Domain Names


Coveted Domain Names: AGED premium domain name sales. Keyword premium domain name sales. Los Angeles premium domain name sales. Make an offer option.

Coveted Domain Names Website specializes in aged premium domain names sales. We refer to them as COVETED because the most valuable among aged premium domain names are keyword  domain names (also known as SEO premium domain names).

Aged premium domain names (and keyword domain names in particular) are a great investment. Premium domain names can provide excellent passive income as well. SEO premium domain names – keyword premium domain names – have more value than brand domain names. SEO domain names are easier – and cheaper! – to market than either brand or made up domain names. Last but not least, well utilized keyword domain names can ensure the success of a new or even existing Website on major search engines!

Coveted Domain Names Premium Domain Name Sales stand apart from other Websites reselling aged premium domain names for several reasons:

  • CDN specializes in the most valuable type of domain names (keyword premium domain names)
  • Coveted Domain Names’ Website specializes in AGED premium domain name sales (the older the domain name the higher its SERP value!)
  • CDN provides TWO ways of acquiring a domain name: Premium Domain Name Sales and Make An Offer.

For the novice: Internet shoppers don’t search for you or your business name on search engines; neither is a popular keyword. Internet shoppers use keywords, words that describe the type (sometimes also the location) of a business, service or product. Consequently, the successful businesses Online (Websites) use KEYWORDS in their Websites’ name, page titles and content to attract visitors who are their prospective customers! (That’s why we carry exclusively keyword premium domain names for sale!)
A properly developed Website (I’m referring to a Website’s SEO) with a keyword-rich domain name has a MAJOR advantage over its competitors Online. As a matter of fact, Websites with such coveted, premium domain names rarely spend money on advertising Online!

On Coveted Domain Names you’ll find exclusively aged, SEO, premium Domain Names:

Coveted Domain Names are THE Real Estate of the 21st Century
The domain name market is on fire and exploding as we speak because they make for a great investment. The rich and powerful of the world are calling domain names the “21st Century real estate” because the ROI generated by premium domain names exceeds the ROI of real estate already.

Premium Domain Names

Premium Domain Names and Premium Domain Name Sales are a big business which attracts serious investors. Among those you’ll surely recognize are: Mr. Ross Perot (presidential candidate) and Mr. Howard Schultz (Chairman of Starbucks Corp.) who have invested a total of $100 million dollars in the domain name market. Few investments are as secure and as lucrative – especially in today’s market – as premium domain names.
Such domain names as: (it sold for $7.5 million) or (that sold for $9.5 million) should give you some idea of profits being made on coveted domain names. And in what type of domain names are the well-informed and well-heeled investing? Keyword (SEO) premium domain names!

How does it apply to YOU? Alan Dunn has written a terrific article for Business Insider that explains it well.

Start your quest for success Online on Coveted Domain Names. Here’s how it works:

  • Coveted Domain Names (a division of Internet Real Estate Tycoon) provides TWO ways of acquiring aged premium domain names: Buy Now and Make An Offer.
  • Coveted Domain Names (a division of Internet Real Estate Tycoon) has the right to accept or reject an offer.
  • If the offer is accepted, the purchaser will be provided with either a payment information (for amounts below $5,000) or (for amounts over $5,000) the purchaser will be referred to to conclude the transaction securely.
  • For purchases under $5,000 Coveted Domain Names accept payments by PayPal. Transactions are SECURE and processed by PayPal. Coveted Domain Names are a division of Internet Real Estate Tycoon. Internet Real Estate Tycoon is a reputable and verified PayPal Merchant. All orders are processed securely. Your financial information is never shared with us.
  • Purchases over $5,000 are processed by, an escrow company Online that protects the interests of buyers as well as sellers. Escrow ensures that Internet Real Estate Tycoon doesn’t get paid before the domain name is moved to your GoDaddy account and that no domain name is moved unless a payment has been made in full.
  • Once a payment for a coveted domain name is received, the domain name you acquired will be moved to your GoDaddy account. (Creating an account on GoDaddy is free.) The domain name and its ownership will be moved to you in 24 hours from the receipt and clearance of your payment, subject to timely availability of your GoDaddy account’s information.
  • A domain name acquired on Coveted Domain Names comes with registration for one full year.
  • There’s also an Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: if you are not fully satisfied with our service or should we fail to move your domain name within the time specified above, you’ll receive a full refund.